Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Home is Where the Heart is...

Or so they say? Haha~ I know it's not applicable to everyone, but it is applicable to the fanfic in my head about Onegai My Melody.

If anyone's interested in reading the short story I made about them, you can find it in my deviant art. ^_^

welcome home by kurohiko on dA

This took more than a month's worth of procrastination to finish. I started working on it before I went on vacation, and I only finished a few days ago. Unintentionally too, because I was and still am in a slump... I can't seem to get myself to draw something decent for the past few days.

I miss role-playing... but I have no time to spare for now, so I'll just have to keep drawing them as a consolation I guess... ;~;

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