Tuesday, November 25, 2008


kuroshitsuji manga volume 1A young boy is suddenly orphaned at the age of 12 and takes over the Phantomhive family business; that is the fate of the young master, Ciel Phantomhive. In order to survive, he makes a contract with the demon Sebastian Michaelis to serve as his butler and bodyguard.

I've picked up this series recently, and I have to say, the animation is very impressive. I haven't been too happy about the animation I've been seeing recently, but Kuroshitsuji looks very well-made so far. Even the action scenes are a welcome sight, after the decline in Bleach's and Vampire Knight's animation quality.

..and besides, Sebastian is very bishie material. I suppose Ciel would be qualified for Shota, or something of the like, but hm~ a bishie demon butler serving you tea and making dinner... not to mention keeping you safe from harm, sounds like a dream come true.

Aside from the demon part that is. ^_~

I'm looking forward to future episodes of this series. I'm considering on picking up the manga too. It makes me wonder if there's a way for Ciel to break his contract-

AHA! Episode 3 finished downloading~ Yatta! *goes to watch* (~'.')~


  1. sometimes the absurd names in anime and manga amuse me D: They weirdest names are usually noble/aristocratic westerners for some odd reason XD Ciel is a pretty name but its too a little feminine D: I wouldnt really want to name my son Sky, and Phantomhive makes me think of some phantom home for phantom bees >_>

    Weirdest of all when your watching an anime or reading a manga the names don't seem to be that weird at all

  2. I know someone named "Ciel" and she's a girl. :D

    I suppose the Japanese think Westerners are all weird that's why they give them weird names? :3 In a way, it enhances that "trap" facade Ciel has.

    Sebastian is awesome~ <3

    *sniffs teh weed so she can be high-high~*

  3. ;_; quit sniffing me~

    I'm not sure about how I'd feel if they had normal western names that are common in whichever country >_> I guess after so many weird Japanese version of western names it would be even weirder to see a normal western name in a manga/anime XD

  4. But being high is fuuunnnn~ <3 Fun tiemz, fun fun tiemz~~~ <3 <3 <3

    Then again, "normal" ones were seen in Gundam 00 and it was... well, normal. ._.;;;

    Sebastian is a pretty common butler name too, isn't it?

    I like weird names better since I can remember them easier. Phantomhive is very unique and mysterious. :D Do be wanting~

  5. i actually watch this xD the butler reminds me of alucard from hellsing :p the kid's a trap ._.

  6. He is such a trap. xD That episode where he had to dress up as a girl... HE WAS SO CUTE!!! x3