Monday, November 10, 2008

..Oh, I Want!

king arturia  saber fate/stay night gift version by satoshi todaAmazing what you can find out from the ads you decide to display in your blog... But because the policy dictates that I can't click the ads myself, I copied the URL instead.

..oh my, I want this so badly. Can you see the detailing of that armor Saber is wearing? I never liked her armor, but this PVC by Satoshi Toda is making me think twice.

It makes me wonder actually, if I attempt to cosplay light saber, maybe I should make her armor that way. The detailing will be a pain to do but the photos should be worth it, yes?

There are two versions of Saber's face, the other being more realistic than this one, but I personally prefer her anime look, since the realistic one is smiling... Saber is usually angst isn't she?

Oh Santa, all i want for Christmas... ;~;

I unfortunately will not be able to afford buying this any time soon. So I'll have to settle for the picture for now. Giyeh~ for being poor!

Needs moar Sabuers~ ;.;

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