Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Egg Cupcakes~!

Aiee came to the office today~! And we all know what that means~


..er, I mean... Haha, it means she wanted to pay us a visit to see how we're doing and bring us our toys and such... I hope she can come back later so I can pay her for the stuff. I'm not saying what stuff it is yet, hehe~ it is much worthy of another blog entry!

But seriously, these cupcakes are something else. They're from Shoppersville Bakeshop in Katipunan, and they taste like... eggs. Fresh eggs in every soft, melty, sugary bites. People have got to try them at least once in their life! Best served warm or room temperature... it is that good!

On another note, there's a cold epidemic going around in the office. I may have caught it, which is not good since we have a visitor here and another one to come on Friday. ;.; *sniffle*


  1. omg I'm craving cupcakes now :<
    I wanna try it, it looks so fluffy lol

  2. It is fluffy~ And light, and and nad, zomg, addicting...

    I wanted to have more than one, but the sugar would kill me. ;.;