Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Right Place, Wrong Time...

beijing olympics 2008 coundown in hong kongI'm beginning to wonder why I always happen to end up at the right place in the wrong time...

Take this picture for example...

I somehow ended up in Hong Kong during a business trip 271 days, 2 hours, 25 minutes, and 24 seconds before the Beijing Olympics. Of course, when the Beijing Olympics have actually come and gone, I was no where near Hong Kong, let alone Beijing.

Fast forward to my vacation in Canada last September. I had initially thought there was nothing to surprise me when I get there since I had already been there 4 years before. This is why the trip to Mt. Whistler wasn't something I was all that excited about...

mount whistler canada's symbol for the winter olympics in 2010

..drats, the Winter Olympics will be held in Canada on 2010. I am, yet again, too early.

There's a story about this picture actually... I need to arrange my photos so I can share it in my blog soon. Only two more panels to ink before I can update A.illusions this week, zomg~!


  1. Have you always wanted to watch the Olympics?

  2. Yeah, I appreciate the hard work the athletes put into in joining the Olympics since I was a runner in our Track and Field Team in High School.

  3. Then it should be one the things you should see before you die! Hee!

  4. Omg, haha... Maybe? ^^;;; I haven't planned that far ahead yet. ^o^