Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Well, that really was Anti-Climactic…

I suppose Tokiya is the most gentlemanly of all the princes, and possibly the most ideal IRL boyfriend because he’s such a gentleman, but… I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed. This is not real life after all, where are my kisses?! Even though I like him better now that I did in the anime, he really can’t beat Natsuki nor Masato for me.

uta no prince-sama music - tokiya translation episode 2.1

I guess the bad thing was, I’ve already unlocked the other guys’ episodes, and they quite literally make out with you. Tokiya doesn’t really kiss you until you unlock Episode 9 (Pro Mode of Nanairo no Compass), and even that was weird, because you were the one who apparently wanted to spent the night together. Not in a pervy way, mind you… I think.

uta no prince-sama music - tokiya translation episode 2.1

I think Episode 2 is my favorite for Tokiya. Because seriously, that blush! And that I really was laughing when I unlocked this because I figured out how to switch him with Hayato~ So yes, Ichinose-san, I really am laughing at you for your Hayato character!

There are other cute scenes like… he’s watching you sleep, waking you up, randomly rambling about how beautiful the world is (because he’s in love? Yeah, probably…), or that party where he calls you ohime-sama (princess), but… like I said, no kisses, aside from one little smack goodnight on Episode 9.

I guess it also doesn’t help that he intimidates me somehow. I feel like I’m going to get hit with a paper fan or a really cold glare if I don’t at least get an A when I play his songs. For me to get through the Pro songs, I switched Tokiya with Hayato. It made me laugh every time he said “Miyu~sic~kuu~~ Stah~to!” and whenever he congratulates or encourages me in the end. Definitely less intimidating and much more enjoyable~! Because c’mon, Mamoru Miyano using falsetto?! Priceless!

Oh well, I guess I should go unlock the other Pro Modes and see what else I’ll get.

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