Friday, February 10, 2012


SPOILERS AHEAD! If you’re playing UtaPri Music and haven’t unlocked サザンクロス恋唄, “Southern Cross Waltz” (I think?) in Pro Mode, then you might not want to read this just yet!

So in episode 3, Natsuki is teaching me Haruka how to dance the Waltz; true to the song’s title! But after spinning her, being the clutz that she is, they tumble, and this happened…

uta no prince-sama music - natsuki episode 3

uta no prince-sama music - natsuki episode 3

uta no prince-sama music - natsuki episode 3

My goodness, Natsuki, how is it possible for you to make me melt just by the sound of a kiss? HOW?!

I think I might be developing carpal tunnel syndrome thanks to this game. I guess I need to put my PSP aside for at least a day for the cramps to go away, but I’m too much of an addict to do that. No wonder people are so patient in unlocking Pro Modes. I have 2 left for Natsuki~ but I dread hearing Satsuki’s demanding voice in Orion de Shout Out. He scares me more than Tokiya does!

Cecil’s all done now, but he’s not really my type, unfortunately. I think his Japanese is throwing me off a little? Although I found it cute that he didn’t want to let me Haruka go in one of the episodes. I might watch all 9 again to see if I can understand his dialogue better this time.

Now where did I put that PSP charger?

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