Monday, February 27, 2012

Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom

That would be my current desktop, thanks to the first English otome game ever to be released with their original Japanese seiyuus~ Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom!

I was able to get the limited edition UMD with the 72-page art book and soundtrack CD. I had to admit, I was nervous… The closest thing I ever got to a visual novel game was UtaPri Music! Who would I end up with and would it end well?

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly?), I got Saito Hajime in my first run. His personality is so much like Masato from UtaPri, and a complete 180 from Rurouni Kenshin's version, that it makes me wonder… is he my type? Vice versa?

What I didn’t expect, however, was the accuracy of the historical events written in the game. And how completely different this would be from UtaPri. There's so much depth in the story that it just pulls you in, even if you're not much of a history fan like me.

When I went through Hijitaka Toshizo on my 3rd run (and figured out how to fast forward any and all dialogue I’ve already gone through), I decided to read the real Hijitaka’s biography… My goodness, right to the very end! Including his family, his battles with the Shinsengumi, and even his title of “Demon”… they were all historical facts! Even his height!

Maybe… that was why when I finished Saito’s, Kazama’s, and Hijitaka’s route… I felt very depressed. Playing the game makes me feel so sad, even if I do get the character I want to fall in love with me Chizuru in the end… Because the game stays true to the historical facts, it makes my heart sink every time I reach the ending.

Hijikata's the most difficult route for me to play so far, because to get him to like me, I had to go against my own personality. Saito’s was much easier, since I just did what I would do or say, given the circumstances. Kazama was easy, because all you really had to do was… well, I’m sure you guys will figure it out.

I haven’t touched my PSP all day because of Hijitaka… maybe I will try Souji’s route now to see if that will cheer me up. Or I should just curl up tonight and get some sleep.

…I can’t help but wonder what the real Shinsengumi would say if they saw this game. The proud samurai getting told off and cared for by Chizuru? I don’t think that would really work IRL.


  1. "... is he my type? Vice versa?" (/me lol @ this!)

    I somehow still haven't finished my route yet. TAT I'd play for 5 minutes, then turn it off and distract myself with some other stuffs. >__< And if you're thinking Okita will make you feel any better, I'm telling you now that he won't. TAT

  2. I seriously thinking the English translations of Okita's route are a lie. TAT;;; M-Misaki-chan, I don't think I can take playing this game anymore. ;A; THIS IS EMOTIONAL TORTURE. Dx

  3. Wait... why you lol at that? xD;;; I can dream, can't I?! *u*;;;