Friday, February 3, 2012

Pangya Journey 2012.02.03

I may be a little bit more addicted to this game than I should be.

Thanks to the A.I. people, I got to Beginner B in no time. This meant I could finally get some clothes for both Hana and Kooh.

pangya - hana black dragon tiara with academy uniform

I changed Hana’s hair to blond after getting the Black Dragon tiara, because well, my nickname is “saber-chan” after all. Hana seems to be one most suited for Saber’s character, so I bought the academy uniform with the closest shade of blue to Saber’s signature dress. I might get the black ones too, but since I’m pretty broke after purchasing this set? That might take a while.

I may have upgraded her control a little too much. It’s so slow that I miss my pangya! And yes, I know I’m weird, but I get better pangya rates with a bar that’s a little faster than Hana’s current settings. Maybe I’ll add accuracy or power later on, unless I get used to it.

pangya albatross - kooh black dragon tiara and shoes with papel

Of course, my favorite will always be Kooh, so I got her both of her Dragon items as well as a new shirt and mini skirt. I regret getting the skirt a little though, because now when I play versus, everyone likes to comment about Kooh’s panties! Le sigh~ It’ll be a long way before I can get her pants, but I suppose this will do for now. I’ll just stay away from playing versus games and stick with tourneys when I use her.

Oh and those mini devil wings? Got them from a lucky spinny box~ Cute, aren’t they?

pangya - my first win

Sadly, with all the people using calculators to get that impossible H.I.O shot, this is probably as close as I can get when it comes to being number 1. This was my first match, and Emily and I did pretty well. I actually thought she was going to surpass me, because I got 2 (or was it 3?) pars during the game, but I guess I got lucky.

What do you know? I might be good at this game after all.

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