Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So I’ve unlocked most of the episodes for Hijirikawa-san’s storyline. I’ve just finished “Knocking on the Mind” in Pro mode, rank A, and what was I greeted with?

uta no prince-sama music - hijirikawa masato episode 9

I’m sorry, but if you can’t read Japanese, I refuse to translate this for you. And if you can read Japanese, I’m pretty sure it’s not what your thinking. *nosebleed~*

I must say this much: I finally got Hijirikawa-san to kiss me! He sounds so much sweeter than the passionate Jinguji-san and playful Natsuki-san~ Eeee~ I will have lots of sweet dreams tonight!

I’m actually surprised that I’m unlocking these left and right… although I’m pretty sure I’ll hit a slump when it comes to Natsuki-san’s Hard and Pro modes. Lol, but my right-hand hurts a lot! I might need to wear my wrist support soon!

Hm… Perhaps I should try getting my own screenshots of these things.

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