Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DJ Max Technika

I should have blogged about this some time ago, but I've been lazy in writing lately.

I first heard about DJ Max Technika when I was strolling around Taiwan. There were several posters about this game "coming soon" in various arcades we'd pass by the Underground Malls. I thought it was another game for the PSP, but I was glad to find out I was wrong.

It's a pretty good game, though I've only played a few times in the past several weeks. I get most D's and C's in the Popular category, but at least I get to finish? Heh...

And suddenly! I have this:

dj max technika card - here in the moment

Now as much as I adore this card, I was recently face to face with a real live jerk who used her Platinum Card status to make fun of the other players at Trinoma. The worst part was, I saw her card and it had the same design as mine! Now I want it changed...

I'm thinking about buying another card, specifically the one with "Fate" as its design. I wonder if I can return and exchange this one instead? Please tell me that's possible... >.>;;;

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