Monday, June 28, 2010

Level Me Up!

granado espada - kuassary family - renae, rei, and rukia - girl scout, catherine, and female fighter

Rukia: Rei’s not about to do what I think she’s going to do… is she?

Renae: Eep! If she scares that Auch Guard, we’re going to get slaughtered! Rukia! Stop her!

Rukia: …you’re kidding, right?

Crappy, one-screen, fail!webcomic aside, Granado Espada SEA has Game Wide 2x EXP which quickly allowed me to jump from level 76 to 80. Still not enough to kill the bosses lurking around Prison de Joaquin, but Renae looks good in her Rescue Suit… something I got from a HeroEmpires Faction member who no longer comes online. :( Kinda sad when I think about it…

Now if only I can train them fast enough to reach level 100 before 2x EXP ends on July 1.

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