Friday, May 28, 2010

Welcome, Kaien…

vampire knight - kaien crossI have never done this before, and I hope I wouldn't have to again any time soon...

Ichigo, my PC, had been failing in his performance as of late. After a few system checks, it appeared as though he had a worm infestation I just could cure. And so, before the worms reach my files, I decided to reformat him and re-install his entire operating system.

It was a fairly complete success. So far, Kaien is performing very well. His reaction time is much faster than Ichigo’s, but I suppose that’s mainly because not all of his programs have been installed as of yet. I have to say, it wasn’t too bad for a first timer like myself… But I am wondering whether or not I should have wiped the entire HD clean before re-installing everything.

Well, it’s a bit too late for that now. If I want to do that, I’ll have to wait until the next reformat.

Ichigo was 5-years-old before he was turned into Kaien. I’ll miss him dearly, but it was time for him to go.

On another note, I was able to find an English copy of Paint Tool Sai. Everyone on Deviant Art has been talking about this program for a while, so I thought I might check it out. Now if only I can find some tutorials on this program so that I won’t have to go in blind.


  1. Hai there.
    This is skilef, your kosupurei reader.
    I think you are an unique person. lol.
    Congratulation for Kaien to replace Ichigo.

    Your English was very good!
    I liked to read your blog.
    If you need something for share.
    send me an email to

  2. Hi Skilef! Sure, I'll keep that in mind. ^_^ Glad you like my blogs~ :3