Thursday, June 24, 2010

Granado Espada: The Queens of SEES

granado espada - kuassary family - rangiku and rue - female elementalist and male wizard

After a long hiatus from MMORPGs, the Kuassary Family has returned to Granado Espada for some mindless fun… Only to find out that my first faction, the HeroEmpires, no longer exists.

I’ve checked my Friends Lists constantly as I relearned the game’s controls but none of the familiar people I knew appeared online. So I wandered around on my own and decided to finish any pending Quests and even started the Viki Quest after I figured out that only starts every Wednesday.

It was all that wandering in the Port of Coimbra that Faction Leader of SEES, Neon Hearts, found me.

granado espada - kuassary family - renae, rei, and rukia - girl scout, catherine, and female fighter

Now with my main family, Renae (Female Scout), Rei (Catherine the Summoner), and Rukia (Female Fighter) at level 76, Deputy Leader Elleszar has dubbed me “The Violet Queen of SEES”. There are only a few girl gamers left in Granado Espada, and the SEES Faction currently houses 3: The Red, White, and Violet Queens. I am Violet, because I can be “violent”, despite my low level. xD;;;

I’m glad I got Rangiku (Female Elementalist) and Rue (Male Wizard) up to level 52. They were in desperate need of a wardrobe change. Rie, my Catherine STR, is also up to level 36. I’m a little worried about the patch to GE 4.5 though. Simply because everyone knows how terrible I am with manual patching. -_-;;; But I’m looking forward to the release of Catherine Torsche!

All hail the Red, White, and Violet Queens of SEES! (Not the candy, mind you, but the organization from Persona 4)

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