Friday, July 20, 2012

Quotes to Think About

st. jude quote

“Success is about being courteous, thoughtful, and caring.”

pacific coffee company quotePardon the pixel-y goodness, but this is quite an old photo, seeing that St. Jude already has an LED display instead of this rickety old sign, but I thought the quote was rather fantabulous~

I remember taking photos like this way back when I still had a “Kooh” blog in Anime Illusions. I’ve lost all my posts from that old blog, which I regret, but I’m glad I still found some of the old photos that I used to post there.

The one on the right was taken when I was on a business trip in Hong Kong. I remember I took this after my colleagues and I had to run for cover from the rain! We ended up in the Pacific Coffee Company and according to the time stamp, this was uploaded on 2007!

It reads: “People generally quarrel because they can’t argue.” I love it~ and really, who wouldn’t agree with this?

I’m using the same camera I’ve had since 2007 (or maybe later). Maybe it’s about time I start thinking about buying a proper camera.