Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sumatra Instant Brewed Coffee

Hey Misaki-chan? This is the “instant that’s brewed” coffee I was talking about in the Figaro post~

sumatra instant drip coffee

It’s instant coffee called Sumatra, but it’s drip coffee with it own… uhm… contraption? My sister was the one who bought this, but the company website printed on the back of the bag says it’s from Taiwan (

sumatra instant drip coffee with lisa simpson mug

I feel sad that the ground coffee still looks “fresh” even after you pour the recommended 350 ml hot water… but squeezing the bag after it drips makes the drink too bitter to appreciate even if you water it down some more. So we usually throw the leftover grounds to our potted plants as “natural” fertilizer.

Meh~ Now I want coffee…


  1. Replies
    1. xD I'll see if there are any left around the house~ :3

  2. I want to try too lol I wonder if any of the Asian stores here in SoCal carry anything like that :o

    Also, you should never squeeze coffee or tea dregs for that reason xD you'll ruin your brew.

    1. You want to send one through mail? xD Although I only have a few bags left, so I can send you one for just one cup, rofl~ ♥

      But my brother-in-law's dad always squeezes his tea bags. xD He has a nifty trick on how to do it too~ He puts the bag on the teaspoon, wraps the string around the bag and spoon, then pulls tightly~ Squish~ ♥ xDDD

    2. Nuu don't send xD so expensive for a cup of coffee lol I'll look around 8D

      Honestly I do that too with my tea bags xD The spoon trick also. Tea bags, I don't mind doing it because tea bags tend to be the cheaper bits from the tea leaf anyway, so it doesn't really hurt much, especially if it's a brown/black tea. But loose leaf or flower/herb teas I wouldn't or they'll come out bitter, especially if it's an expensive green or white tea.

    3. I don't even know if sending something like this in the mail is legal. xDDD Wouldn't the dogs be able to sniff out the delicious coffee smell? 83;;;

      Oooh~ Oh yeah, I don't squish the loose leaves too. xD Unless its in that pot that has a thingy to push the tea leaves down to the bottom of the pot as a way of "straining" it~ :3

    4. I think if it's packaged/sealed it's okay since my mom sometimes sends coffee over.

      Also nuu with the loose leaf xD especially if it's expensive/high quality, it'll ruin your brew. Though I do it with like 2nd or 3rd steeps because I'm cheap like that Dx

    5. I'm not sure how sealed these babies are. *_*;;; 'Coz even I can smell the coffee when it's still "sealed".

      I'll need to keep that in mind. xD Old habits die hard. >: