Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Seafood Buns FTW!

When Aly, Tori, Shwishie, Eunice, and I had a mini-meet last month, Aly ordered a vegetable ramen spup (yes, it’s not “soup” but spup) which had a funny looking fishball in it. Aly said it was egg, but I now have evidence that it was actually a seafood bun, FTW!

Ok, this is orange and white, and the one in Aly’s spup was yellow and white, but I couldn’t help taking a photo of this when I saw it in SM’s Supermarket, Save More in San Lazaro.

Apparently, I’m the one who makes them too… See that “Wei Wei” over there? That’s my nickname, courtesy of Lei.

Oh dear… has my life become so boring that the mere sight of seafood buns makes me giggle?


  1. Wonder how that tastes though.
    Did you try it?

    1. Nope... I don't like fish balls or any kind of seafood made into balls. @_@;;; I do eat shrimp balls from certain restaurants, but I'd still prefer hakkao~ xD