Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Red Mango Frozen Yogurt

After all that delicious, oily foods, let’s go for something a little healthier~

Because my family tends to hang out a lot in Trinoma, this has become one of my “secret bases” throughout the mall. You know, the places where you hang out a lot in when you don’t feel like walking around? Well, in this crazy weather, I’d usually go to Red Mango to scribble up new ideas and kill deadlines.

red mango frozen yogurt with strawberries and sliced almonds

I love Red Mango’s frozen yogurt. It’s not too sweet or too sour, and the topings are always in generous amounts. I get the funny feeling that the servers already know me because on one occasion, the guy said, “Ah, medium with 3 toppings, right? I’m really sorry we don’t have fresh strawberries today. May I suggest some mandarin oranges instead?”

I’m telling you, I don’t eat there often. Really!


  1. :O that looks so yummy! Are those almonds? I wonder if my local yogurt place carries almonds >_> must try. I usually put any type of berry and granola :D

    1. Yes, sliced almonds~ I love having nuts with my frozen yogurt~ It's usually that or pecans. xD

      Granola bars here are too sweet... I like the ones in Canada better. >:

    2. that's because the bars are usually drenched in honey :D the ones at my yogurt shop are just pain oats w/crushed nuts and a little bit of honey so they can stick, mostly oats. Makes it not so sweet <3

      Another favorite, sliced bananas mixed with blueberries 8D now I'm hungry...

  2. I love almonds! But not too sure about yogurts...