Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's Good to be Alive

the curious conversation with an old friendThere are some days when you get to feel like everything is going your way...

I found that watching one episode of Onegai My Melody before going to bed keeps in a good mood the following day. I'll see how long it lasts since I only have 35 episodes, and I'm already at episode 20. xD

There's also the other option of talking to someone like Mackie-nii. You can click on the image on the right to view it in another tab/window.

Sorry for those who can't understand Japanese, and sorry for those who can understand Japanese since my Japanese is horrible. xDDD

Of course, at the bottom of the said conversation we have some Tagalog and... some invented language here in this country. xD If anyone did understand what it was we were talking about, you'd guess it's pretty shallow, but since I'm in my happy mood, simple things are also quite funny to me. x3

You're also probably wondering why I haven't updated A.illusions yet.

*hides under her desk*

I've actually been working on a fanart for Nyanko-Chan's RE: Play Contest. I picked up a copy of her manga some time ago, and it reminded me a lot of my own project, Twilight's Calling. Cree adnd Twi would probably get along very well if they met. xD

Anyhow, I have only until tonight to finish my entry..! I'll do my best to finish it and then get back to A.illusions again. >.<;;;

...or maybe not?

I'm contemplating with doing a short doujin to take a break from A.illusions. Not that I'm tired of drawing A.illusions, but I've wanted to try and make a doujin since... forever. :D

If I draw a short one consisting of only 20-30 pages, it might not be so bad/long of a break, right?

I haven't fully decided yet, but we'll see. There are 2 pages left before Act 2 changes stages, so it would give me ample time to think about it.

In other news, I'm beginning to become more active in Facebook thanks to a new game. I'll take the time to write about it another time when my interface looks more presentable. :3

Jaz, this is all your fault.

Aaand~ Back to work for me~! <3