Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Wonder If I'm Going to Regret This?

shocked khyle from a.illusionsI think most people know I'm not a yaoi type of fan girl. In fact, I hardly touch anything that's shounen ai. Boys' Love is a genre that's simply not my cup of tea.

So why is this week's update stating otherwise??? D:

Tori is obviously up to something. I'm just not sure what he wants to accomplish by glomping Khyle. I mean that in the figurative and literal sense because I have writer's block for the next page.

I know what the page is going to look like. I know how the panels should be arranged and what effects to use... however, I've never written a shounen ai script before..!

Definitely out of my comfort zone... =.=;;; I hope the fans have a better appreciation for this than me though. xD

frozen yogurt in greenbelt 5In other news, I went to get my IELTS results yesterday. My overall grade is an 8.0. Not bad, considering how poor my score is for the speaking exam. I still hate how the interviewer looked at me from side to side while I was speaking... it's distracting and annoying. Dx

Anyway, as a reward, I went to look for something refreshing to eat. There's a Frozen Yogurt place on the 3rd floor of Greenbelt 5 that's a must to visit. Frozen yogurt is officially one of my most favorite snacks from now on. However, I don't recommend the white chocolate pieces, unless you an extreme white choco lover. @_@ Yogurt is best with fruits and nuts.

Yes, I ate the top part before taking the picture. I couldn't resist! >.<;;;

Right... oh, if anyone wants to help me with my script for the next page, please do let me know. ;x; I'm all ruined just picturing the next page! @_@;;;

One last thing before I end this entry... I'm not sure how peculiar this action is, but I've never seen Koi swim around inline before.
koi fish in greenbelt

It would make a nice blog banner, me thinks. :)


  1. Dx I LOVE LOVE LOVE frozen yogurt~ I used to go to the yogurt place after class a couple times a month in Long Beach \o/

    My fave toppings~ granola, blueberry's and sliced banana :3

  2. :o~! Sadly, no blue berries and granola here. @_@ Bananas are plentiful though. x3

    I wish someone had told me earlier than frozen yogurt doesn't taste like vanilla ice cream. :9 It's so yummy~! I need to search for a place somewhere near me. >.<;;;