Friday, March 13, 2009

Feng Wei Wee: A Taste of Taiwanese Cuisine

feng wei wee's gulaman shaved icy milk dessertThe weather is the first indication that summer is already here. Good thing for me though, that my brother enjoys going to my favorite shaved ice place.

Yes, I took a bite from the treat before taking a picture again. Can you blame me? xD

This isn't your typical Ice Monster treat. This unique dessert is actually from Feng Wei Wee, a Taiwanese restaurant near my place, somewhere along Del Monte. The main difference between this icy dessert and all the others, is that the ice is made of sweet milk. They have a variety of toppings from fruits, to beans, and my brother's favorite, gulaman or jelly as seen in the picture.

The sweetness of the dessert goes very well with the house tea, and the perfect way to cool off from the summer heat. My nephew loves the red bean topping while my personal favorite is the kiwi fruit, minus the syrup they put on, since I don't like it too sweet.

feng wei wee's vegetable fried dumplingsOf course, Feng Wei Wee also serves Taiwanese cuisine. In fact, the restaurant is set up like a turo-turo canteen. Turo-turo literally means "pointing" because all the food is set up in front where you can point to which ever food you'd like to have.

I must say, I'm not a big fan of fried dumplings, but I did enjoy their version of this classic Chinese snack. The slightly spicy sauce compliments the dish by not making it too hot to burn off your taste buds.

It's not too often that I get to go out and have a snack with my brother, but in the rare times that we do go out, we always end up somewhere deliciously satisfying. I'm a little annoyed that I forgot to take pictures in that little cafe we went to the other day... And I'm beginning to notice that I'm beginning to become a shutterbug like Tiffy and Bong when it comes to food. @_@;;; Influential much?


  1. i didnt know feng wei wee has a branch in QC :) i enjoyed feng wei wee's dumplings and kiam pung :)

  2. Mm~ I love their kiam pung as well. Food in general is quite nice... the dessert is pretty unique though, since they use milky ice instead of just plain water ice. ^_^