Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Girls of Gundam 00

anew returner, marina ismail, soma peries peires / marie parfacy, and louise halevy from gundam 00 season 2

And so comes the second part of my article on Gundam 00. AS I've written about the women I admire, there are also those who I dislike in Gundam 00. Again, this is a matter of opinion, so please do not take it personally if you're a fan of the characters mentioned.

You notice that this article is entitled "The Girls of Gundam 00" instead of "The Women". You see, immaturity is one trait I find in common when it comes to characters I dislike.

wang liu mei from gundam 00Take for example, Wang Liu Mei. The first thing that ticked me off about her is that she treats her older brother, Hong Long, like a servant. She is also a manipulator who would do anything and destroy anyone to see the world change to what she believes to be "perfect".

I'm all for the world being united as one and eternal peace without warfare, but how can you expect to change the world when you manipulate and use your own family? It hit a sore spot for me to the point that I can only see her as a spoiled brat. Frankly, I'm glad she got killed off in the series. Her death really made the series more meaningful to me.

marin simail from gundam 00Then there's the Azadistan Princess, Marina Ismail. I agree with her in the first season that people should not fight each other when you can talk and come to an agreement. We are all human after all, and war only brings pain and innocent casualties.

But come the second season, when Azadistan was burned to the ground and she is left in the middle of war's battleground, Shirin gives her a gun to protect herself and the children since Katharon's forces were being wiped out. She refuses the gun saying she would lose face to the children she was caring for.

What the heck is that? Does she really think sacrificing her life instead of fighting for the lives of the children she cares for really is a better, more peaceful choice? Murderers are after her and the children. Are their lives not worth protecting? What will happen to the children when she sacrifices her life for theirs? They'd either be killed too or forced to kill like Setsuna.

I don't know what her role is in this series, but every time I see her, I wish she wasn't there. If her song becomes the key element in creating peace, I'll probably hate the series all together.

louise halevy from gundam 00 season 2Louise Halevy is actually a little tolerable. In the first season, she is one of the richest girls in school, but she suffered a huge tragedy of losing her family and, after being exposed to the GN Particles, the lose of her left arm. I never liked care-free, spoiled brat girls who only think about themselves, but I do understand the trauma she's been through.

However, this does not give her the right to extract revenge. If she wanted revenge, I would have wished she had done her research. She saw the gundam that killed her family. She should have at least noticed the particles are red, not the same as what the Meisters use. If you're going to commit murder, might as well kill the person who did it and not use your revenge as an excuse to kill people.

And when she finally did have her revenge after she killed Nena Trinity, she realized how hollow it was. I'm wondering if she will finally go insane and drive Saji Crossroad into insanity too. (The couple really annoys me since Louise is a brat and Saji's a pushover. -.-) Honestly, I wouldn't know what to say to someone like Louise, but that does not mean I approve of her methods.

I think these three are the most annoying female characters in Gundam 00. As much as I want to understand their motives for leading such lives, I can't stand them. Maybe I would be the same as Louise if, God forbid, something that traumatizing were to happen to me. Maybe I'd never find the urge to fight for my life in the middle of war like Marina. Or maybe, I'd be a ruthless manipulator like Liu Mei when the time comes... But I do know this... If such a time does come and sanity is still with me, I'll do everything I can to keep myself from succumbing to their fates.

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