Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

tori avalon from a.illusionsA lot of nostalgia and deja vu came about this week's update, which thankfully came out on Chinese New Year's Eve.

I decided to make Tori's debut a full-colored page since he had been waiting for this for more than a year now (we all know there was a lot of drama with A.illusions' update, but let's not bore you with that).

I have to admit though, Tori looks a lot like Sean from Twilight's Calling. Their designs are pretty similar, but the personalities are very different. Sean is more of a thinker; quiet and reserved. Tori, as we all know, is more care-free. Though both of them have leadership qualities...

It really makes me miss working on Twilight's Calling a lot. I think I should draw some art from the series... I've been meaning to draw some band posters for them.

Anyhow, Tori will have a lot of explaining to do when th manga continues, that's for sure. xD I don't think Yukee-hime appreciates not being allowed into a forum being a former admin and all.

Speaking of deja vu, I've uploaded a video a took back in 2007... We were in Hong Kong and happen to pass by some lion dancers and martial artist performing. Too bad I didn't set the camera properly... the videos are all choppy and stuff, but if you're interested:

Happy Chinese New Year, all! :D


  1. I remember this coz I was there. Hahahahaha.

  2. Lol, yeah, I wish I had changed the settings of my camphone though! I wanted to take a video of the entire dragon dance..!