Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Brave One

the brave one"How many wrongs to make it right?"

Sometimes, we ask ourselves the very same question. When there are those who wrong us, we want to take revenge to make things even.

But what if someone took away your fiancé and left you for dead? The only person in the world whom you could finally call "family" after you've lost all of your own?

What would you do?

Jodie Foster stared as Erica Bain, a radio show host and professional flâneur, someone who walks the streets in order to experience it. After she and her fiancé were attacked, however, she found hard to even step out of her apartment. She was so traumatized that she decided to buy a gun to keep herself safe, not even able to wait for a month to get a proper permit.

The conclusion is left to the judgment of the viewers. Some say that justice was served, while others say Erica is no more than a criminal vigilante, seeking to kill people and thus depriving them from their chance to repent and change their ways.

Jodie Foster played her role really well, and shows her talent as an actress. I like the film very much, even if it's against my beliefs that anyone has the right to take another person's life. I think it shows how the world is not always so black and white when it comes to good and evil; something we learn when we grow up and gain wisdom in life.

How would you handle a situation as devastating as Erica's?

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