Monday, October 27, 2008

Cosplay in SM Marikina

voltron child cosplayI accompanied my brother in SM Marikina yesterday along with my aunt and uncle from the USA. We had visited a friend of my aunt's in Antipolo and so decided to walk around SM before going home.

There seemed to have been a contest going on for some online games sponsored by ASUS. I wasn't too certain at that point, but there were a lot of cosplayers present. My aunt loved it and wanted to take a lot of pictures... It was just too bad that the pictures didn't come out so well. *must save for new cam-phone*

At least for blogging the pictures are workable. The little kid in the Voltron outfit was pretty cute. He's like a 3 and a half foot Voltron, Defender of the Universe..! Hehe~ And yeah, he had all five lions.

There was also a giant Optimus Prime walking around the mall. My aunt found him to be the most impressive of all I think. It was funny to see him walk very robotic-like.

transformers cosplay optimus prime close up transformers cosplay optimus prime full body

cat girl cosplayYou can pretty much see how huge he is in that picture on the right. A lot of people had to look up to see his head. I think his entire costume was made of rubber too if I'm not mistaken.

Not all of the cosplayers were pretty and/or impressive. My brother was a little disappointed there weren't a lot of pretty girls there. He liked this girl in brown, who was getting a lot of her pictures taken by random people who happened to be passing by. I think Dark Magician Girl got a little jealous about all the attention she was getting though... ^_^

All in all, it was a fun trip to Antipolo and Marikina. I used to go to Marikina just to bother the Culture Crash people, haha. Thesis days made me quite annoying I think.

Come to think of it, I wonder how they are now..?

Oh yeah, happy birthday to my officemate~ Haha, I won't say who, just in case he's shy. ^_~


  1. wah! birthday? who who? o.o eep.

  2. Yarrow: He is cute, ne? :D I couldn't resist, even though my cam-phone is teh sucks. D:

    Bong: You can ask Tiff... She was here today. :D

  3. I know why they were taking pictures of the girl! Cause she was scantily clad! :o

  4. Raein: M-maybe? She's model thin too...