Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fish Out of Water

One of the places I went to during my road trip in the USA was Sea World in San Diego. I was looking forward to seeing the killer whales since Ocean Park in Hong Kong didn't have them anymore.

I was pretty excited when my sister, brother, and brother-in-law suggested to go watch the show "Believe" staring Shamu, the killer whale. I've been hearing about Shamu non-stop from my little nephew, who'd gone to Sea World before...

believe - killer whale shamu in san diego jumping out of the water

It was amazing! Such an incredibly large creature Shamu was. It was too bad that we didn't go on a weekend, or else we would have seen "Shamu Rocks"! I heard it was a nice laser lights show with Shamu banging his head to the beat or something.

Definitely want to go back again one day with my nephew... ^_^ Such magnificent creatures... Maybe I'll get the chance to feed one some day.

Hmm... I seem to recall going to Sea World in Australia too. I can still hear the song going "..oceans are fun!" I wonder if they changed the song now, 15 years after? Hehehe~


  1. >_> I have conflicted feelings bout Sea World :/

    <3 Orca's though, probably my favorite water animal ^_^

  2. Well, it's alright... I go for the animals and stuff. :3 Though I prefer seeing them in the wild where they're happy. :D

  3. well it isn't necessairly the captivity part that bother me really >_> rather the space they're confined to, and the "trained monkey" factor, but meh, then again they bring it lots of money for conservation, hence my conflict ._.

  4. Yeah I get what you mean... the problem lies with the lesser evil factor.

    I just hope the whales are happy and being fed well.