Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Three Icon Spams

I had forgotten about my Yu Yu Hakusho icons... Probably one of my biggest collections so far, but Onegai My Melody will probably beat this later on.

Dedicated to [info]banditfox who is having a hard time RP-ing right now. I hope these icons will make you feel better. ^^

...and I should really stop spamming my blog, haha. I haven't had anything to write about lately so... Please bear with me for now and enjoy the pretty~ :3


View the entire set here


Bu: 3
Chibi Hiei: 2
Chibi Kurama: 5
Chibi Kuwabara Kazuma: 1
Chibi Urameshi Yusuke: 1
Chibi Youko: 1
Hiei: 19
Kitajima Maya: 2
Kurama: 27
Kuwabara Kazuma: 3
Urameshi Yusuke: 4
Youko Kurama: 8
Young Kurama: 15

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