Thursday, May 21, 2009

Four Icon Spams

Before that, let me just say that I hate Play-Asia right now. :/

The CD I ordered from them still has not arrived. It's been a month and a half already, and I still haven't received it. I never had trouble with the local post before, I don't see why this is any different. Argh...

I hope no one stole it. I mean, Onegai My Melody isn't exactly a popular anime here in the Philippines, so there's no reason for anyone to steal it. Sheesh... these are just one of those days when I absolutely despise my country.


Once upon a time, I fell in love with the anime, Vampire Knight.

Now? Well, not so much... I'm currently following the manga though, and I'm looking forward to purchasing the books when they become available. :D


View the entire set here.


Aido Hanabusa: 6
Ichijo Takuma: 5
Kain Akatsuki: 4
Kiryuu Ichiru: 1
Kiryuu Zero: 20
Kuran Kaname: 24
Kurosu Yuki: 15
Shiki Senri: 5

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