Friday, May 29, 2009

Two Months Later…

I’m probably going to end up hearing about what an addict I am, but oh for goodness sake… It’s finally here!

The album is wonderful. Admittedly, Vanessa Mae is still my first pick when it comes to violins, but whoever played the violin for this album, hats off to you sir/ma’m. It’s the first time I ever heard the song in full, and the whole 13 minutes of the Devil’s Trill was quite an experience.

The tracks are mostly classical violin pieces that are all very impressive and difficult. Only the first track is an original solo for the anime, Onegai My Melody.

  1. イントロダクション「夢の幕間~柊のテーマ~」 Introduction: Hiiragi’s Theme
  2. ツィゴイネルワイゼン Zigeunerweisen, Op.20
  3. シャコンヌ ト短調 Chaconne in G Minor
  4. スケルツォ=タランテラ Scherzo-tarantelle, Op. 16
  5. プレリュードとアレグロ Praeludiem and Allegro
  6. 伝説曲 Op.17 Legende, Op.17
  7. 24のキャプリース 作品1 第13番 ト短調 24 Caprices for solo violin, Op.1 No.13 in G minor
  8. 悪魔のトリル The Devil’s Trill Sonata in G Minor
  9. タイスの瞑想曲 Meditation from Thais

If anyone is interested, you can email me and I can share you the mp3s. Only until the link is valid though, so that’s about… a week? ^^


  1. Hi!
    Can you tell me where can I found the mp3 of the songs? Thanks!

    1. Aww, sorry! I don't think I have it on file anymore. :( I do have the CD somewhere though. :)