Monday, April 20, 2009

Kuroshitsuji "Black Butler"

I've finally finished watching Kuroshitsuji last night, around 2am. Shinsen was taking a while to sub their episodes, so upon recommendation, I tried Ronery. Not exactly the best, but I can make do since I can now understand some Japanese. I'm still hoping Shinsen will finish subbing Kuroshitsuji, and I will be waiting loyaly for the episodes to come out~

Anyhow, it wasn't as anti-climatic as I expected. In fact, it scared the living daylights out of me.

kuroshitsuji / black butler - sebastian michaelis and ciel phantomhive

As it turns out, a fallen angel who takes the form of 2 different people, Angela and Ash, was behind the murder of Ciel's parents... behind the visage of the Queen Victoria. The Fallen Angel seemingly wished only for Ciel's happiness and wanted to rewrite his past into a purer one without hatred. Ciel denies this happiness and refused to let go of his hatred towards the people who have wronged and humiliated him.

Ciel also began to realize that his chess pieces did not always act as he planned. Fred Abberline gave his life for Ciel's in the hopes that he would realize he is not alone in this world and that he could rely on others to be his ally. His death began changing Ciel, much to Sebastian annoyance, making Ciel more compassionate to innocent people. Sebastian abandons Ciel temporarily, until Ciel was nearly killed by the Queen's guards.

Eventually, Sebastian declines the Fallen Angel's offer for a place beside her in her desire for world domination and kills her in his true form in only 10 seconds.

Having fulfilled his revenge, Ciel seems to have committed suicide in the end of the anime adaptation. It is later shown that Sebastian is guiding the boat in what I assume to be the River of Acheron (the river of sorrows in Greek Mythology, a river you cross when you die). They come to an island where Ciel must fulfill his end of the bargain and give his soul to Sebastian. He has accepted his fate and orders Sebastian to make the process as painful as possible in order to etch his life into his soul.

To be honest, the ending gave me the creeps. Partly because I felt sorry for Ciel... he was beginning to learn that not everyone is his enemy, and maybe, he had some sort of chance to get away from Sebastian's clutches. And why is it that Sebastian bears a striking resemblance to Ciel's father?!

There was also the seemingly untold reality that revenge cannot fully satisfy hatred. When Ciel was on the boat with Sebastian, and he was given Tanaka's journal, it reveals that Ciel's father already knew that the Queen was after his life. He also thought about the people he had killed to satisfy his need for revenge, and thought nothing of it since he himself was also dead.

We all die some day, and when that day comes, will everything we have done during the time we are living seem pointless as well? What if there is no afterlife and you simply... disappear? Would you rather be devoured by a demon too, so long as you fulfill every desire you have on earth?

..this is probably the most disturbing anime series I've ever seen. Not for the weak of heart... but it did make me think a lot.


  1. how can anything be more disturbing than grave of the fireflies? or now and then, here and there? or perfect blue? i demand recount. :D

  2. Grave of the Fireflies was definitely disturbing due to the reality of it all. Now and Then, Here and There, I didn't understand it. As for Perfect Blue, I haven't seen it. :D

    I suppose it disturbed me to realize that... we all die, and when we die, nothing we've done on this earth may mean a thing in the afterlife. If such is true, what is the point of living anyway? :o

    A-also, Ciel disturbed me when he said he wanted his soul to disappear in the most painful manner possible so that his life will be etched into his soul... x_x;;;