Sunday, April 12, 2009

What to Do With That Thing They Call Love~

...I don't even know why I'm so affected by this, but I'll write about it anyway.

Recently, Onegai My Melody is being subbed by Eggplant Fansubs. I don't know if they created their group because of this anime since Baku, the purple tapir, has always been called an eggplant... but that's not what I want to rant about. I love them to death for subbing this series, so I would never hate them~! ♥ Unless they stop midway through. ;~; Then I'd just CRY!!!

...anyhow~ xD Please forget the fact that this situation happened in an anime. Be patient with me and read through this and let me know if you agree with what Uta did to Hiiragi, her supposed "one true love" or not.

uta crying on the phone with hiiragiI don't get episode 33... This episode was about Uta's birthday. During the time when her party was about to start, Kogure was the only one who showed up. Kogure later found out that Dream Gates have been opening all over the place and so he figured that was the reason why people were not showing up for the party.

Granted, I'm beginning to understand why Uta loves him... He did run all over town with My Melo just to dispel Kuromi's magic... However, it's what happens after that puzzles me.

When Uta came downstairs to find no one in the house for her party, she became upset. By some coincidence or another, Hiiragi calls her to great her a happy birthday. He could tell she's upset and wanted to cheer her up by buying her a cake and a birthday present.

hiiragi confusedUta then realizes that she should go home because someone might come to her house for the party. Hiiragi is confused by this since there was no one home and I suppose his ego was hurt that Uta didn't want to have a date with him on her special day... but he agrees, and takes her home.

When they got there, he walks in with her and sure enough, Kogure was able to bring everyone back home by this time. Uta's overjoyed, but I don't think Hiiragi appreciates Uta's Dad's humor... ok, to be honest, he probably doesn't like socializing too much, especially with Uta's family since he lived alone most of his life... and he left the party a little annoyed.

This is the part that bugged me. Hiiragi left in a hurry without saying a word to Uta. Why didn't Uta go after him? I know she was probably relived and happy everyone was there for her party, but I thought she loved Hiiragi? I mean, he wanted to cheer her up because she was depressed no one showed up for her birthday party... Isn't it simply out of courtesy, that as soon as she found out from her dad that Hiiragi left because her dad may have said something to offend him, shouldn't she have run after him? Called him? Something?!

I-I think my muse is jealous and angry over my other muse. >.<;;;

Oh, alright, she did try to call him several times a few days after her party wondering if she had offended him. BUT STILL! Too little too late, Uta!!!

...I shall cease ranting now. :3 But someone please agree with me on this! >.<;;; Please? ;~;

A-and... Hiiragi looks so HAWT in that screenshot, weh~! ♥ ♥ ♥

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