Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anime Shopping in Taipei, Taiwan

fate/stay night - saber by gift About 2 years ago, I posted my very first item on the "wish list" category. Mind you, when I write something on the wish list, it usually means I can't afford to get it, or that it's a rare item that I will no longer be able to find.

Why then, I wonder, was I able to get something like this Saber figure by Gift?!

Not that I'm complaining, but oh my Taiwan, I love you forever!

Taiwan has a lot of shops in the Taipei Underground Mall that allow anime collectors to rent a space to sell their anime figures, cards, and other things that they may no longer want. You can get to that mall very easily by taking any of the exits on the MRT labelled "Y". It was at one particular shop near the very end of the mall... Y28 exit if I'm not mistaken, where my brother-in-law and I stumbled upon this lovely gal... a price that I'd gladly pay double for.

The item wasn't bad at all for a second hand. There were signs showing that the box had been opened before... like the scratches on the stand she's on. There was also some oil on her skirt, but that wiped off clean pretty easily.

I had to hand carry her home though, since her box was pretty bulky. Brother-in-law insisted we get another box at the post office so that she wouldn't be damaged. We were going to buy one, but the post office we went to was a small branch, so they weren't selling any boxes... they gave us one for free instead.

And such a cute box it was too...

jamboree - make up your life

More of my shopping rambles later~ For now, I need to run off and try to make some money~ :D See you guys later~