Saturday, April 3, 2010

Adding Asuka to the Mix...

ucc milk coffee - neon genesis evangelion promotion - rei ayanami and asuka langleyI didn't think I would do it, but I did it. ._.;;;

By which I mean, I didn't think I'd buy the Asuka Langley version of the UCC Milk Coffee set seeing that I already have Rei's... but I was in a strange mood on the day of my dad's birthday. And seeing that lonely can of Evangelion UCC Milk Coffee on the shelf made me feel sorry for it. *_*

Did I mention I was in a weird mood that day?

Even more surprising is that I actually opened and drank the darn thing... despite being warned that it is not the best of milk coffees out there. =.=;;;

Sadly, the Internet didn't lie. It wasn't very delicious... it kinda tasted like watered-down-condensed-milk. ~_~ Good thing I ordered UCC's Coffee Jelly dessert... that was bitter enough to counter the sugary, sweet taste in my mouth.

I suppose they were targeting the younger fans and coffee drinkers for these, but dear gracious... I felt like I was going to get diabetes with each passing sip. =A=;;; Coffee should still taste coffee-ish even when you add milk to it, please and thank you!

...though I am now thinking of drinking that Rei Can I have sitting on my desk. The can's worth keeping, maybe, but the drink inside? I'll probably mix an additional spoonful of black coffee to it.

The art is gorgeous though. No denying that. ♥

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