Monday, April 12, 2010

Fun Taiwan!

happy kurama with bu by cokho7Yesterday, I took a plane ride to Taipei, Taiwan to visit my sister and my brother-in-law. I've always wanted to see what Taiwan was like, as I always get my manga from there... whenever the sister's in the country, of course!

I took Cebu Pacific and I have to admit, it wasn't as bad as I imagined it to be. The flight was pretty smooth sailing, though the immigration officer in the NAIA Terminal 3 was pretty mean. "Where are you going?" "Where's your visa?" "You think you can get in Taiwan with only this?" >.>;;; Ayiyi, such a horrible nightmare she was!

But at least the immigration officer in Taipei was such a cute bishie!!! >o<;;; Why didn't he ask me more questions instead of that creepy girl who I first thought was a man? ;_;

Oh, and there was a cute little girl wearing a Hello Kitty jacket on our flight too, so that helped erase the nightmares of NAIA. Heh~

Airport food is highway robbery though... a bottle of mineral water cost me P115 (US$2.50). Dx!!! I hate you Terminal 3. T_T

I should remember to tie some ribbons to my luggage when I fly back though... So many people have the exact same one! I almost took the wrong luggage but it was a good thing we had different locks! @_@;;; When I got mine, I checked the combination and ran off to the exit... which was another surprise because... Where was my sister?! Hahaha... I looked around in the waiting area and there was hardly anyone there! I walked around for a few minutes before they arrived~ Which was ok, because I was already expecting that! ^^

My first meal was prawn salad, kung pao stir fry crab, prawn roll with almonds, radish cake, corn soup, and shi mi lu! I wasn't eating well all day because I was too excited about my trip, but dinner was so heavenly delicious that... I was in heaven! I will post pictures later if and when I have more time~ Heh~

Oh, the cab driver was super nice too. He asked me if I liked Hello Kitty and I mentioned that I used to work for her. Haha~ He showed us a small cafe called "Hello Kitty Sweets" and I swear, I squealed. xD Even if I don't like Hello Kitty all that much, that place looked really cute! My brother-in-law promised that we'll go there when it's open, and I'm super excited! >3<;;;

Got home pretty late so we slept the morning away... I think my sister and brother-in-law are still asleep, so I'll raid the fridge for the left overs... I think there's some pork chop rice around somewhere. 711 is right downstairs too, which looks a lot like Hong Kong's...

Did I mention I'm staying in Holiday Inn's Executive Suite at a fraction of the actual cost?

Photos to be posted on another date! xDDD


  1. i like taiwan too,we plan to go there this coming june, this is my first time to go there, we are going to taichung, is your sister live there ? maybe she can suugestto us where to stay? and what to buy in taichung ? is there any night market that has a lot of delicious food and clothes ? thanks!

  2. oh forgot to ask you, does all the people in taiwan know how to speak english ?

  3. Oh~ Taichung! You definitely need to try the 太陽餅! The original creators have a bakery on the street with sunflowers as their motif, you can't miss it!

    As for a place to stay in, I don't know. My sister usually stays with her in-laws, and I only got to stay in Taipei. Taiwan has the best Green Onion pancake with Ma-Hu and the best Milk Teas though, you definitely need to try them!

    Most of the people in Taiwan speak in Tai-Gi, which is a mix of Mandarin and Fuu-Kien. If you know either one of them, you're good to go! If not, then always carry a map with you... and a calling card of your hotel. ^_^