Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello Kitty Sweets: Cuteness in Taiwan

taiwan hello kitty sweets calling card and map

You would think that I would get over the Hello Kitty phase by now, but my trip to Taiwan made me re-think that statement.

When I arrived in Taipei, our taxi driver asked me what I liked and what I do for work. When he heard about Hello Kitty (which he really misunderstood with my Chinese fail speak), he told us about a Hello Kitty Cafe, the only one in Taiwan. In fact, he drove us there to show us, even though the store was already closed, and I was overwhelmed with the cute overload.

hello kitty sweets take out menu - front hello kitty sweets take out menu - back

Unfortunately(?), I wasn't able to buy any of the cakes or even coffee, so I can't really say how good or bad they are. According to my sister and brother-in-law, the prices for the cakes were pretty good, especially since it's a Hello Kitty themed cafe. The chairs were shaped in Hello Kitty's head, and the waitresses were all dressed in pink and Hello Kitty clothing!

Way too much cute for me, but I dare say the next time I do go back to Taiwan, I might as well make it a point to visit and dine at Hello Kitty Sweets. I mean, who wouldn't want a bite out of Hello Kitty's head?

hello kitty sweets cake


  1. hi, it's me again stacy, yummy those kitty cakes, like to have a bite on those pictures. may i also know where does the hello kitty sweets locate ? thanks

  2. Hi Stacy! Hello Kitty sweets is located at #90 Da-An Road section 1 Taipei. It's near Sogo so it shouldn't be hard to find.

    If you're taking a cab to get there, I recommend printing the header image I used (as it is their calling card) or one of the menu sheets (the bottom part has the address of the cafe).

    Good luck! Have a fun trip to Taiwan~

  3. thanks a lot美美! I'lldrop by when i go to taiwan.
    also saw your art , its great !