Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Letter

To the mother of the child waiting for the train yesterday evening:

Please show some more concern for your daughter. Yesterday was a horrible day to catch a train as the North bound roads were blocked off for the celebration of the Edsa Revolution. You knew of this, didn't you?

I don't think trying to force yourself into a jam packed train, carrying for 5(?)-year-old daughter in your arms, was a good sense of judgment. I apologize for raising my voice in concern for her, making you miss that train, but if I didn't, your daughter would have gotten caught in the closing train doors.

Moreover, standing so close to the platform edge, why didn't you notice that your daughter's hand was reaching for the departing train? I'm sorry that I touched her, but really, would you rather I didn't and let her get dragged off at nearly 70mph?

She is a child. She doesn't know any better.
You are her mother. You are responsible for her.
You are responsible for yourself too, and should know when you need to ask for help.

You can threaten to call the police on me just for touching your daughter's arm to shield her out of harms way, despite what people around us witnessed... I don't care... just please, try to be more attentive to your child. She is still so young.

The world is a beautiful and cruel place. We know this... she doesn't.

I wish you all the best, as raising a child is a most difficult responsibility. Please do your best so that you will not have any regrets.

Stay Safe,


  1. Some people's minds are off to somewhere that they don't notice the simplest concerns. Or they have gotten to used to a certain way of living. >:

  2. ...let me try that again.

    It may be a given that her mind was elsewhere. Just don't accuse me of being creepy when I just... saved the kid's arm.