Friday, February 19, 2010

White Lady

Last February 8, my brother asked me to accompany him to his restaurant. There was a Feng Shuei Master coming to visit, and he wanted some help in listening to the suggestions and noting them down.

Of course, that was done in the morning… but I didn’t think I could make it to work for the afternoon anyway, so I tagged along with him the entire day. We stopped by a friend’s house in order to check on the progress on the repairs of her driveway. Don’t ask me why the gravel on her driveway’s in shambles. It just is. ._.;;;

But then, I was bored. I don’t anything about construction, so I walked around the house. One particular stone caught my interest for some reason or other, so I kicked it… and it left white marks on the gravel.

Upon closer inspection, it looked as if I found myself a new toy. x3 So I scribbled away and made this:

At first it was a phoenix I think… But I didn’t like it and started drawing from another angle. It sort of evolved from there…

…or maybe I did see a White Lady from the corner of my eye and began to draw her face subconsciously? Creepy when you think about it…

Anyway! I like how it turned out in the end… The tire tracks look like wings, and I didn’t intend them to be wings at all! I do miss drawing on the ground like a kid with a new set of chalks though, haha~

Yes, those are my shoes and legs. Guess you guys know what I look like now! xD

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