Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life is Like a Boat

mote-mote page 11 by columbia khoI am, quite literally, going crazy now. @_@;;;

I’m one page late in Mote-Mote, hahaha. Too many things are going on in the real world right now, that I have no time to work on personal projects. A shame when I feel so creative at the moment..! But I guess there’s a time for everything.

I’m hoping and praying that will push through. So far, things are looking good, though not in the pace I would prefer it. I’m just praying the decision I made was the correct one…

Ah! It would appear that I will be jobless for a few months. The very thought of it makes me panic! I think I’ll have to set up a paypal account and start accepting commissions in Deviant Art. Maybe open a few slots to see how it goes before going full throttle!

I would also have to find some way to help out my brother without gritting my teeth, lol. It’s one thing to be out of work, and other to work without payment. @o@;;;

You see how insane life can be? I wonder what sort of fortunes my year has with the year of the tiger? Hurr…

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