Thursday, March 6, 2014


For my birthday this year, I took my family out to iHop in Taguig. We’ve been there a few times before, and my mom really likes it there! I have to admit though, I went a little over budget on this feast, but I guess I only turn 30 once in a lifetime!

Their breakfast selection is pretty amazing! You can requested to have your waffles toasted extra crispy, and have the eggs anyway you want. And don’t let their looks fool you, those bacons are quite crispy!

I was a little disappointed with the country fried steak though. I may be a bit biased, but I think I’ve had better. It’s not bad per say, but it may need a tad more seasoning next time.

Surprisingly, this is my favorite – broccoli and cheese omelet. Talk about eating healthy! But seriously, it’s absolutely heavenly! The broccoli was crisp but not hard, and tasted so fresh! I didn’t know something so simple could taste so good!

This is only a forth of the entire order though, haha! We were too excited to take photos before eating it!

And this would be the deal breaker. Splash Berry is made with orange juice, frozen strawberries, and sprite.

Looks like I broke my New Year’s resolution again. But it’s was kinda worth it! I really love orange juice, and this combination is pretty awesome!

It was a great birthday celebration, despite the soda guilty pleasure. I also found it strange that, even though there were four different syrups to choose from, I always went for the old-fashioned maple syrup with my waffles.

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