Friday, September 28, 2012

Uta no Prince-sama Music: My Records

I found a bunch of these on my phone, and seeing that I still have my UtaPri layout, I guess I might as well post them here.

hijirikawa masato naito no kiss pro a rank

This is from Hijirikawa Masato’s 騎士のKissは雪より優しく Naito no Kiss wa Yuki Yori Yasashiku (A Knight’s Gentle Snowy Kiss?). I think it’s one of the first Pro ranks that I attempted and I was surprised that I managed to get an A rank in only 2 tries! I think I eventually managed to get an S rank for this song though.

ichinose tokiya shall we dance pro a rank

Next is Ichinose Tokiya’s 星屑☆Shall we dance? Hoshikuzu☆Shall We Dance? (Stardust☆Shall we dance?). The very first attempt and I managed an A Rank. It surprised me so much because I had a little trouble with this song in the beginning!

I think Tokiya likes me more than I like him, haha!

shinomiya natsuki orion de shout out pro a rank

Last but definitely not least, my greatest achievement: Shinomiya Natsuki’s オリオンデShout Out “Orion de Shout Out”! Argh, definitely one of the most difficult songs in the game, but not impossible!

This was a sort of goal I wanted to accomplish because Hinano was having a hard time with this particular song and ranted so much about it! It’s also one of the last songs I conquered to complete all the otome clips, but it was nonetheless very satisfying to get an A rank instead of playing the pro level 30 times on B rank to get it. In which case, I didn’t even understand that last clip at all which is all the more disappointing!

I think I have two more pro level songs that don’t have an A rank, but since I can’t read the Japanese light novels that you unlock with those songs? I doubt I’m going to finish it. I wish they’d translate this game already so I can play it all over again!

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