Monday, September 24, 2012

Taho Station

Thanks to Jeff posting about taho in his webcomic, I’ve been having cravings for this sweet snack and thus ruining my diet.

taho station

For those who are no familiar with it, taho is a Philippine snack inspired from the Chinese. It’s made of silken tofu, arnibal (which is brown sugar and vanilla syrup), and sago or tapioca. It’s usually served hot and sold by street vendors everywhere in the country.

I wasn’t allowed to eat taho because I contracted Amebiasis when I was 3. That means no street food, no school cafeteria food, and no drinking from water fountains. This is actually still true today, because eating or drinking the wrong thing will get me an injection or even time in the hospital stuck with a dextrose to my arm.

However, all was not lost! Since my mom considers food being sold inside a mall to be “safe”, a little stall called Taho Station on Walter Mart has opened up, and I’ve been a regular customer ever since! Ok, maybe not regular-regular since I eat this thing only twice a month, unless we happen to go during my rest day, but regular nonetheless!

I do like the cold version that’s been coming out lately, but the hot version is probably still my favorite. Nothing beats the original~

…and I need to remind myself to stop posting about food in the middle of the night! Now I really want a cup of taho.


  1. :O I want to try that~ but I don't think anyone makes that here? Where's Lei~ ;_; where can I buy Taho~

    1. You can probably make one. ♥ヾ(・ω・*)ノ The tofu and tapioca is pretty ordinary, it's just the arnibal you gotta worry about. Online recipe, maybe? (*-`ω´- )人

  2. OOhhhh~ I LOVE TAHO!!! I always grab a cup when I'm in Manila. usually Taho Boy. Or just about any taho stall in the mall. I also buy the Taho sold in the streets. I'm so addicted to Taho. Let's grab a cup next month! :D

    1. I had no idea! I'm probably not as addicted as you are, but sometimes, I can't resist, haha~

      And yes, yes, let's do it! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ

    2. I am from Canada and every time I visit, I make sure I only go to Taho Station.. and yes, I had taho everyday for a month!!! cant get enough of the variety of soy products they are offering? its to die for!!! I am already inquiring on how to open a Taho Station franchise here so I can bring the experience up north!
      good luck to me!


    3. That would be awesome! My sisters are in Canada, and I'm sure they would appreciate a branch of Taho Station there!!!