Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On the Midnight of September 8th

mcdonals night!

Now this is what I call a midnight snack!

Sorry, my brother and I were only supposed to go out for some twister fries and coke float, but because there was a Matchbox happy meal offer, my brother decided to get all four that night, and we ended up with two trays full of food. All of which we finished, by the way! Way to break my diet!

It’s moments like these that I love my brother very much, haha! Feeding the younger sister with free meals is always important to a healthy brother-and-sister relationship~!


  1. ...THAT IS SOOOOoooOooooo SINFUL!!! hahaha

    And this is becoming a food blog! (not that I mind XDXDXD)

  2. And I wanted to get the Matchbox toys too, but I'm trying not to hoard anymore.... :c

  3. It's because most of the photos that I've been taking lately are food! (And all of my music and anime stuff is in A.I. now, haha!)

    There is one blog entry that will literally make your skin crawl, but I think I will skip that for next month. ٩(×̯×)۶