Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pangya Journey 2012.03.18

Finally got this game working again on my PC! Although my internet connection leaves a lot to be desired considering it kicked me out again during my 18-hole game with Venus-sama.

pangya screenshot - hana hole in one in wiz city

Oh well, papel~ At least I was able to score my second third(!) H.I.O. on this account. Still in Beginner A rank, and probably not going anywhere anytime soon since there aren’t a lot of A.I. players lately.

The new event of collecting hearts does not have a nice line-up of prizes. I’m not that interested in them, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if I even get enough hearts for any of the prizes anyway!

pangya screenshot - hana in ice inferno

The new Ice Inferno map is just as difficult as Deep Inferno… probably even more so, but I haven’t played through all the holes yet. It’s basically the icy version of Deep Inferno, so I guess they’re playing with that old saying “…when Hell freezes over”. I do love the background music though! It’s creepy in an inspiring sort of way.

…I would like to know if there are plushies of that ridiculous-looking, adorable, little demon-monster-thing though. Seriously, what is that?!

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