Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Fastest Way to a Man’s Heart…

…is through his stomach. You know that, I know that, and probably every girl in this planet knows that.

But this? I didn’t see coming:

Ok, Saito-sama… I didn’t think you’d be so easy to please. I mean really, your favorite food is… rice?

I have to admit, since he’s the one I unlocked first in Hakuoki, this makes me quite happy. If Saito-sama’s personality and qualities are indeed my type and vice-versa, then making him happy would be a piece of cake~

Yes, I am aware I am over-thinking these things yet again. Please excuse me whilst I go about my work in the real world.

Before I forget? Guys, cooking for girls is also a good way to show off. Isn’t that right, girls?


  1. I don't cook. TAT
    From which Hakuouki game is this lovely image from???

  2. The wonders of modern technology, aka the rice cooker. xD He will fall head over heels for you~ xD

    I think it's from the fan disc, Zuisouroku. xD I'm not completely sure though. :3

    I'll cook for you when we meet one day... if you'd like~? :D

  3. From the rice cooker??? Hehehe ^w^
    Sure, would love to meet up when I got to Manila. /(^o^)/

  4. Yes. He will love you forever for making him rice out of the rice cooker, LMAO! xD

    My socially-awkward-self will rear its ugly head, rofl. ;u;

  5. "then making him happy would be a bowl of rice~" ftfy xD

    I wanna play :o those angry eyes are hawt

  6. BRB LOL-ing~ xD

    Play Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~ It be English~ <3