Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nutritional Diary 2012.01.18

lucky star icon - izumi konataSo, after 2 weeks of this whole “dieting / eating better + exercise because this is my new year’s resolution (again)” thing, how am I doing so far?

Well, the bad news is, I stayed up late for about 3 nights in a row. One of which was an all-nighter. Literally. No sleep for more than 48 hours can seriously make you crave the worse kinds of food. You can probably guess the guilt-trip I went into. I mean, 3 sodas, snacking, junk food, and a ton of coffee? I feared the weighing scale!

Surprisingly though, I lost 3 pounds from new year’s day. Mark it, people: 3. pounds.

Woohoo! I guess all this walking really does help! But of course, this doesn’t give me the excuse of eating a lot of junk food simply because I can walk it off! No, no, I really need to do better next time and try to get some proper sleep! And I still haven’t found a good jumping rope yet… I was going to get one last Sunday, but I ended up staying in because of work!

Oh well, in the meantime, I’m celebrating that 3 pound lose like a boss! I hope this will last for a while! I’m beginning to like walking up and down the stairs for the additional tone-up! But I guess, since I was quite athletic before, I need to up my training a little bit. I don’t think I’m sweating as much as I first did a few weeks ago… Ah, and more water, less coffee for me! Hope I can stick to my goals this week!

And to remind myself that I should take better care of me, I’m going to buy those yarns and start making that cosplay sweater. I’m not saying which cosplay this is for yet! But yeah… time to start~!

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