Monday, January 9, 2012

Farewell, Kaname~ Greetings 2012!

blogspot vampire knight layout - kaname

I had such a great Christmas dinner and thought to myself: “Vampire Knight’s so depressing these days, and it’s kinda affecting my mood and my blogging! I think I need to start the new year with a new series that’s bright, colorful, and cheery!”

Enter UtaPri! Short for Uta no Prince-sama!

I guess my blog’s layout is extremely shocking compared to my last one, but hey! It makes me smile looking at the silhouettes of Strish from their cover song “Maji Love 1000%”! Because their action for 1000% is the “ok” hand sign, and it’s a reminder that someway, somehow, everything will turn out ok!

…eh, maybe that line was taken from Card Captor Sakura’s “Everything will be alright”, but it’s very true~ So onwards 2012! Let’s hope I can get myself to blog more often this year than last year! Everyone cheer up! And have a great day ahead! Yes, yes!

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