Monday, January 10, 2011

The Manor at Baguio

kuroshitsuji - sebastian michaelis iconMy siblings decided to go to Baguio this weekend while the parents are away. :3 It's just an overnight stay, but I have to say, Camp John Hay is really quite something.

The Manor makes you feel like a million bucks. xD All of the staff wear white gloves and the gardens are amazing. :3 I could just stay in this hotel and I'd be satisfied, but of course, my siblings get bored easily, so we'll be heading out in a few minutes to see Ibays for some silver then off to the market for some fresh fruits and vegetables.

Speaking of vegetables, I've never tasted vegetables so sweet. I guess what they say about Baguio having the freshest vegetables is quite true. :3

We ate a lot of good food at the most unlikely places too. I wish I brought along my bluetooth dongle for my laptop, but I doubt I'd have time to edit the photos.

I'll post more later... for now, I'm going to go get some strawberries and fondue~ ♥

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