Monday, January 17, 2011

Camp John Hay: the Manor

It took me a while to get them together, but here are a few photos from Camp John Hay’s Manor where my siblings and I stayed in Baguio last weekend.

camp john hay: the manor

The Manor itself is quite huge, and the rooms are comfortable enough that I wouldn’t mind if I had to stay indoors all day. Prices are slightly higher than the hotels you first get to when you enter the city proper, but it’s well worth the extra few hundred pesos when you want peace and quiet at night and a breathtaking view.

camp john hay: the manor garden

Both the facilities and the staff make you feel like you’re one of the richest people alive. I really liked the garden with this small waterfall because there were koi fish in them! None of them were significantly huge or pretty, but they were obviously well-fed. Too bad they swam too quickly for me to snap a photo of them.

camp john hay: the manor's outdoor cafe

We had a breakfast buffet on Sunday morning, and I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind going back there to eat again. You could probably tell from the lack of photos that we were all too happy to finish our meals that we forgot all about taking pictures!

The weather is excellent this time of the year too. It’s quite cold compared to Manila, which is a welcome change for many I’m sure, but it’s better to pack those jackets just in case your body can’t take the cold!

camp john hay: tha manor lobby

Overall, the Manor is a very nice place to stay in when you visit Baguio. I believe there is another facility within the area call "the Suites” which is similar to the Manor but is still under going construction. Same prices and accommodations, but less people stay there since only a few rooms are available. I wouldn’t mind trying that out once I get back to Baguio though~ ♥

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