Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How Do I Plan to Plan My 2011 with a Planner?

I dare you to say my blog title 5 times really, really fast! xD

A question asked in Bong's contest competing for a rare Starbucks Planner from Malaysia.

The more I think about this inquiry, however, the more it begs the question: Can you really plan anything for the coming new year?

Certain circumstances usually come to “rain on your parade” whenever you least expect it. For instance, I had planned on migrating to Canada earlier this year, picturing my first experience of the autumn weather and finally getting to watch the snow fall on my perfect white Christmas. I had also planned to learn how to drive, take up my Master’s Degree for Fine Arts, study Mandarin, and the like.

None of these plans came true; mostly because they relied on the one thing that fell apart: my immigration. And my mistake was failing to make a backup plan in case I was asked to stay here for just a little while longer.

Even though the immigration will still occur some time next year, it made me realize a hard fact that the world is really full of uncertainty. You don’t, and can’t, know what the future brings no matter how sure you are that something is going to happen or even how many fortune tellers you go to.

But isn’t that also what makes life more interesting?

Even though I didn’t plan on it, I was able to go to Taipei, Taiwan and not only have the time of my life, but also fulfilled one of my many wish lists I never thought I could. I also started doing commissions on Deviant Art that led me to realize that I’m actually a good enough artist that people will be willing to pay for my work.

Most importantly, I’ve learned to appreciate life a little more, accepting that depression only means you’ve been strong for far too long.

So how will I plan the new year?

By leaving the pages blank… roll with the punches and be thankful for each new day that comes. And if I have to plan something, then I will always have a backup plan. That, and of course, sketch something on the planner almost everyday or as often as possible… like I always do~ ♥

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  1. THISSS!!~


    Yes, this is so true, and I hate to admit this myself; being a hardcore planner and all.

    I completely share your experiences on this.
    Guess that we should really appreciate those unexpected moments that come up, it might lead into something really amazing! ~

    (And I'll still be in Canada by the time you guys come here haha wwww~)

  2. Yey~ Someone who shares my sentiments~ :3

    I mean, planning does make you prepared, but when that plan falls apart, I think it's important to pick yourself back up and tell yourself it's ok, right? :D

    (Lol, I shall look forward to the day I meet multi-color-haired satyyy~ Maybe we can fly over to Lei-Lei's and just... raid a con or something. xD)