Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas at the Malls

giant toy soldiers in sm the block
The Drummers of SM the Block

christmas tree outside gateway mall
A Giant Christmas Tree outside Gateway Mall

How will Christmas be for you this year?

If you asked me that back in November, I’d be excited and tell you about our annual Noche Buena… the kind where I’d be waking everyone up around 11pm of the 24th, just so they can watch me burn the barbeque… and then there would be endless chatter, exchanging gifts, and fighting over who gets to dance the next DDR song.

But this year, it’s different.

My parents have gone to Canada to celebrate the holidays there. My sister on the other hand, will be leaving for Taiwan in a few hours. My brother and his family are visiting their in-laws, although he did mention they’ll be back in time for Noche Buena. My other brother… will probably be with his girlfriend.

That leaves me to the house all by myself.

I held a Christmas Event in deviant art to try and cheer myself up, but that just sunk me deeper into depression. For some odd reason, I can’t draw anything decent at the moment.

I guess I’m not used to spending Christmas alone. ^^;

Oh well… I shall spam you all with some Christmas photos for the mean time. Hope everyone gets a happier Christmas than me~ ♥

giant toy soldiers in sm the block
A "Real" Multi-Lit Train at Mall of Asia

giant toy soldiers in sm the block
Optimus Prime and Other Railcars from Mall of Asia


  1. oh wow. that's just kinda ... sad. :(

    i have no idea how we'll celebrate christmas this year. i don't even know if we'll have food cos we didn't prepare at all. i also have a big problem getting a bus ride home on the 24th since all the buses these days are full. but what i'm just really looking forward is just being with my family.

    that's why this is just ... sad. :(

    btw, me and my bf were initially planning to join your art trade but we just couldn't draw (no practice for a long time!) plus we're masters of procrastination. so i think maybe we can turn in our stuffs by next christmas or something... ^^;;

  2. It is sad... But I will make do! >:[ Somehow, someway, I shall make it a jolly Christmas! Maybe make tons of food and eat it all, haha!

    ...l-lol, next Christmas? I'm looking forward to it. xD;;;

    But the art trade is left open til Christmas Day if you'd like. :3

  3. unfortunately, i'm not as good as you so i need more effort. must practice!!! XD

  4. Uwah... don't say that! *_*;;; I'm sure misaki-chan draws very well now too!